Rae Frances

Australian National University

Rae Frances is Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences at the Australian National University.

She is also a professor of history, with prize-winning books on the history of women, work and war.

Prior to taking up her role at ANU in mid-2017 she was Dean of Arts at Monash University for 10 years and before that had teaching, research and leadership roles at UNSW, the University of Auckland and Murdoch University.

Professor Frances is passionate about the ability of education to transform lives and is herself the recipient of university, state and national teaching awards. She has also served on a variety of boards, including the National Museum of Australia.

Australia, the League of the Nations, and the post-war racial settlement in the Asia-Pacific region”

Towards the end of 1918, Australia’s Prime Minister embarked on an aggressive diplomatic campaign to influence the shape of the post-war settlement and to protect Australia’s interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

These efforts bore fruit, with particular impacts on the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League of Nations.

Central to these interests were the issues of control of former German territories and the question of racial equality.

This paper will consider the role Australia played in the changing geopolitics in the region in the inter-war period. It will also consider the lesser-known impacts of the post-war racial settlement on international labour mobility.

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